Company: Unhustle®

Years in business: 4

Q: What inspires you to get up every morning?

A: My big purpose and mission to revolutionize how we live, work and play for more well-being, fulfilment and flow

Q: When you were younger, what did you think you wanted to be? How did you end up on this path?

A: I loved creativity but didn’t allow myself to go down that path, so instead I ended up with marketing.

I pivoted careers to start the Unhustle Movement so I can inspire people to redefine success on their terms.

Q: Can you name a really low point in your life? How did you get through that?

A: I was working with Madonna’s team at the grand opening for Hard Candy Fitness health club in Toronto when I realized I was burnt out and needed to make a change. I planned a 10 day digital detox trip to Baja which was my aha moment that I needed to make a change how I live, work and play. That’s how Unhustle was born.

Q: Please tell me about an experience of discrimination you went through. How did you handle it? How has it affected you?

A: When I was a marketing director for Diamond Peak, I was asked if I spoke English at a public board meeting. It really affected me. As a first-generation immigrant, I worked extra hard to be accepted and prove my worth.

Q: Can you remember a turning point in your career?

A: At some point in my marketing career at corporate, I had enough and decided to become an entrepreneur and gain back control of my freedom, flexibility, and income.

Q: When you have your bad days, how do you keep going?

A: Take a deep breath and check-in with myself to see what I need at this moment – leaning into or walking away-  often times it comes down to finding peace of mind, clarity, and energy.

Q: What book has helped you the most and why?

A: Oh, so many. “Flow – The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi was a great a-ha moment for me in helping me understand that what we really seek is to have more flow in life and work.

Q: Who is your business inspiration and why?

A: Richard Branson because he has designed high flow living and working – from kitesurfing sessions in the morning, to living in a place he loves to starting different businesses and turning them into successful enterprises.

Q: What tools do you use on a daily basis that help you?

A: My Unhustle morning rituals include modern and ancient rituals and practices to start my day with calm, clarity, and energy end prep my mind and body for more focus, performance and flow.

Q: What does success look like to you?

A: To live in a place I love, doing things I love, surrounded by people I love and contributing to society in a meaningful and positive way all the while having a ton of fun.

Q: Name three things you think are essential for success?

A: Staying on track of your big goals, LIfeWorkPlay Design and growth mindset.